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Riot Points Code Generator it is the ultimate tool for League of Legends in adding and generating free Riot Points in any account and from any place in the world.The Riot Points Code Generator it is the tool for which many people would kill to have it.We don’t like violence 🙂 and so, we are offering this tool for free to the world wide League of Legends players.

As we are moving forward in a world where everything will have a price we want to make a difference as, we think that this price thing it is not the best thing of our planet.This difference can be made in our opinion, by offering to the lower social class people, things that will balance things a little with the people from a higher social class.We think that all people should be equally from all points of view, and we think that categorizing and labeling a human being or an entire nation leads to involution of human nation.

Without any fear we act in making a difference and we act by creating these small, but important tools which gives us the feeling of a more balanced world.And we are sure that many people agree with us in this matter and this fabulous thing makes us improve and enlarge our field of work.

One of the tools that we are proud of ,it is the unbeatable Riot Points Code Generator which will add precious Riot Points into your LOL account for free.Usually when, in the virtual world, something sounds too good to be true it is indeed so.But sometimes this rule does not apply and things go very exciting and unreal.You will actually see what we do mean when you will use our Riot Points Code Generator.

How to use the Riot Points Code Generator?

How efficiently this tool is, as that simple it is to use it because we want everybody who needs it, to fully enjoy it with no difficulties or obstacles.After you opened the application you will see two checkboxes, one of ten bucks and the other one of 25 bucks.You check one of these boxes and after that you have to click on the “Generate” button that can be found a little lower.

After the status message confirms and the text box shows your code you are ready to go and submit that code to your League of Legends account where you have to select the “Prepaid Cards” option where you submit the generated code.You can check the video below if you encounter problems.The presented version can be used only on Windows OS.

Riot Points Code Generator Video Demonstration

LOL Riot Codes Generator Download Page

riot points code generator

File Type: .rar file – 7.26 MB

Does it work?

1639 Votes for Yes / 11 For NO

1. Press on Download Button

2. Submit your REAL email to one of the surveys

3. Wait a couple of minutes while we are verifying the email

4. Fully enjoy our Riot Points Generator and please read the bolded red text above before using it!

Before you start using this Riot Points Tool you need to know the followings:

1. Adding more than 50$ in codes in an interval of 24 hours, will make your account very traceable and our tool as well. Avoid at any cost to do the contrary!

2. Some added codes may not work. If this happens you will have to try again!

riot points code generator

11 Responses

  1. Shanok says:

    I got one code of 10 and one of 5 and it doesn’t work anymore now, should I wait 24 hours ????

  2. partricio says:

    the best thing on the internet! I don’t know how you did it, but is the only rp hack that works for me

  3. karri says:

    It worked for me 🙂 .Thanks dude:)

  4. free rp says:


  5. MM says:

    thank you mate, this one does not crash like the other generators I tried a few days earlier

  6. James T. says:

    That is really useful I hope nothing bad will happen with you because you make this great programs, you should win an oscar in my opinion :D:D

  7. maybelle says:

    Finally discovered what I was looking for such a long time ago. Good things are happening when you expect less I was looking for something else and I ran into this post 🙂 thanks buddy

  8. Valeri says:

    finally workd! glad I have found this website!!

  9. Mateo says:

    It worked a treat this one. Thank you very much. Finally some useful video

  10. Cheska says:

    First Riot Points generator that actually worked for me

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