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As a team which likes to give a little help to the needing ones we decided to create the Imvu Credits Generator. The IMVU Cedits Hack has the ability to generate and add free credits into your account. Our primary goal in creating such tool is helping you to have the best time than anybody could have, on the IMVU site.

Imvu Credits Adder
One of the most interesting chatting platform and social interaction site, in or opinion, is the platform. Here, people can do a lot of great stuff like using real world objects and events and put them in screen while interacting with other people from all over the world. We think that this is a great and fun way of socializing. However, things which builds your world are to be purchased with credits which can be bought with real money or by selling you custom made content for which you have to have great skills.

How to use the Imvu Credits Generator ?

Imvu Credits Adder it is very user friendly. First step you have to do is to login to your account using our application’s login form. After you have successfully logged in, you will be taken to the next window where you will have to select the amount of the credits that you want ( 5.000, 10.000, 20.000, 40.000, ). After you selected the amount, a button will appear which you have to click to generate the credits from our servers. When the generating process is finished, you will have to click the big yellow “ADD CREDITS” button to start the final step of adding the credits into your account.

Imvu Credits Hack Video Demonstration

1.Even is the Imvu Credits Generator is created to be safe for users our testings showed that generating more than 40.000 credits in an interval of 24 hours your account will get banned no matter how authority it has.
2.Sometimes the Imvu Credits Adder may not add the selected Credits from the first attempt. Please try again and wait at least 2 minutes before the previous generating process is finished.

Imvu Credits Adder Download Link:

Imvu credits generator
File Type: .rar file – 5.34 MB

Does it work?

891 Votes for Yes/ 11  For NO

1.Press on Download Button
2.Submit your REAL email to one of the surveys
3.Wait a couple of minutes while we are verifying the email
4.Fully enjoy our IMVU Credits Adder and please read the bold red text above before using it!

Imvu Credits Hack

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