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The Habbo is known as a social networking service, but in our opinion it is more than that. It is a place where things happen at a real level, despite everything is online. Teenagers are building their skills in life and in speaking properly with each other. The Habbo it is known as one of the safest social networks. Being so popular and so good for education we decided to make it even better by creating the Habbo Coins Generator. The Habbo Coin Generator will make your stay on Habbo even greater than before. Since Habbo is so popular we are happy to know that a lot of people will benefit from our work submitted for this habbo coin generator.

Habbo Coin Generator

A lot of teenagers are in a difficulty when it comes to buying things with real money. When this is happening on a popular website such as Habbo it is our job to make a difference and to bring more enjoyment there where it should be. The Habbo Coins Generator it is very simple to use so there is no skill of any kind to make it work. We tried to create it as simple as possible. There are simple steps and a few clicks to follow until you will have free habbo coins into your account.

How to use the Habbo Coin Generator ?

1. Download the generator;
2. Open the application and login using your habbo details;
3. Select amount of coins from the right side of the main window and click the generate button;
4. After the generating sequence is complete click the “ADD COINS” button and wait until the coins are
5. Enjoy!

Habbo Coin Generator Video Demonstration

Habbo Coin Generator Download Page:

Habbo Free Coins

File Type: .rar file –  7.33 MB
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1. Press on Download Button

2. Wait until the .rar file is fully downloaded

3. Open the .exe file

4. Enter your details and click the Login button

5. Select the amlunt of coins and click the Generate button

6. Click the Add button after the coins are generated

Habbo Free Coins

Before you start using our Habbo Coin Tool please read the followings:

1.Do not ever add more than 360 coins on a single day ( 24 hours ). This is the limit before you will get banned. Adding less than 360 coins it is 100% safe. Adding more than 360 is 0% safe.

2. The Tool created to make the game balanced, not to turn it into your favor. Do not try to make abuse of it!

3. Do not sell our habbo coin generator! If too many will use it the habbo coin generator may get patched quickly.

23 Responses

  1. thekid says:

    lol i thought this was fake but it works!

  2. Lannie says:

    I’m not sure how you did that but it the greatest thing ever!!

  3. psn says:

    The generator works like a charm thanks for this wonderfull tool

  4. marhta says:

    Thanks a ton buddy. This bot works like a charm.excellent tutorial

  5. toto says:

    best habbo hack period!!

  6. rowe says:

    Thank you a million times over and over you are a life saver!!! GREAT VID WISH I COULD GIVE YOU TWO THUMBS UP!!! XD But at least you get a new subscriber 🙂

  7. conrad says:

    This is too great… I’ve been looking for a working generator, FOR THE LONGEST TIME:DD thx

  8. Arlen says:

    I can’t believe it really works, I just added 18o coins and it WORKED !!

  9. Perry says:


  10. baramaethor says:

    wow! this is great! worked perfectly!

  11. jeansantiago says:

    Finally a non-scammer!

  12. bob says:

    this habbo generator works!!!

  13. Jo says:

    thank you bro, now its time to play hard :))

  14. Lane says:

    I don’t have the words to express how much I love you 😀

  15. Егор Ионов says:

    Many thanks for this brother GOD bless you!
    Большое спасибо за этого брата да благословит вас Бог!

  16. fancy says:

    this is definitely the best working hack on the internet, very easy to use

  17. CT says:

    AWSOME!!!!!!!!! This is everybody’s dream in Habbo

  18. francois says:

    Those sellers are just trying to rip our pockets, happily there are these kind of programs 🙂

  19. Hammad says:

    thank you very much for this generator, i was looking for a long time for a working time but it was in vain…

  20. Ghhghgh says:

    Great! Now everybody will be jealous on me 😛

  21. Rehidden says:

    thank you for this and than you for showing us how to use it, not so hard though 😛

  22. Desmond says:

    you sir, just made my day. thank you for that.

  23. ron says:

    thanks 🙂

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