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The Dragon’s Prophet is a massively online multiplayer role-playing game released in September of 2013 by a Taiwanese developer. The game has a lot of an ordinary MMORPG game, but also it comes with new gameplay and other great features as riding and timing dragons as you may like. The game is published by Sony Online Entertainment and like any other game under Sony you can purchase Station Cash which can be used to make your gaming experience easier and more enjoyable. In the world there are people which are hardly making a living and they cannot afford to buy such things as the Station Cash. When a great game requires to pay for stuffs that makes it more enjoyable we think that this is not fair and because of that we are creating tools such as this Dragon’s Prophet Station Cash Hack.

dragon's prophet free station cash


The Station Cash Hack is created to make things more balanced amongst players and to make you have a greater gaming time. Because we want to live in a fair world we are creating tools that make things more fair. There are people which are born wealthy and they can get anything that is for sale very easy. These gamers have a great advantage in the world of gamers. We are here to make things better for the ones that live in the opposite side. The Station Cash Hack has the ability to inject into your account a daily limited amount of free station cash. The tool can generate no more than 3.500 free station cash for an interval of 24 hours. To be able to generate more you will have to wait another 24 hours.

How to use the Dragon’s Prophet Station Cash Hack ?

The generator is a very simple program and can be put to use without any effort:
1. Login to your account through the downloaded program.
2. Select the amount of Station Cash that you want to add.
3. Click the “Generate” button and wait for the process to finish.
4. Click the “Add” button for the program to start and add the generated SC into your account.
5. Enjoy!

Station Cash Hack Generator Video Demonstration

Station Cash Hack Download Page:

dragon's prophet station cash Hack

File Type: .rar file –6.05 MB
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1. Press on Start Download Button

2. Wait until the .rar file is fully downloaded

3. Double click the .exe file

4. Enter your details and click the Login button

5. Select amount of Station Cash to add and click the Generate button

6. Click the Add button after the Station Cash is generated

station cash hack

Before you start using our Station Cash Tool please read the followings:

1. If you add more than 3,500 SC for an interval of 24 hours your account will get 100% banned, so you better keep this in mind before starting to use it and go crazy with it.

2. The Tool is created to make the game balanced, not to turn it into your favor. Do not try to make abuse of it!

3. Do not sell Station Cash Tool ! If too many will use our program the program may get patched quickly.

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  1. Aruthra says:

    This is quality stuff,thx for sharing this to us

  2. justin says:

    is it 100% safe ?

  3. adrianaloos says:

    really helpful, but I hate the daily limit

  4. jari says:


  5. Playgecko says:

    i am not so much agreeing with this kind of stuff, but this one it actually helped me a lot,I am having financial problems this sc generator really made my day I must say…

  6. arty says:

    My favourite game thanks my friend for this program 🙂

  7. steven says:

    How do people find this shit out lol But seriously though, thanks!

  8. Platy says:

    Thank a lot, I realllllly looked hard for a working one

  9. Wilson says:

    man… i try it and it worked the problem is that i generated only 1000 and now it does not generate anymore..

  10. fun88 says:

    Great piece of program keep up doing a great job you are the best!

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