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Dofus is one of the most popular MMORPGs currently available. The secret to its charm is the simple yet attractive cartoon graphics and turn based combat system. The game uses Adobe Flash and has system requirements similar to a browser based game. Even though the graphics may be simple, the gameplay is anything but. Dofus has 12 classes new players can chose from, each with multiple spells to master and different specializations available. The turn based battles help Dofus standout in the crowd of MMORPGs but come at the cost of sluggish gameplay, manually moving, attacking, and completing your turn each round can get tedious.

Our team has made great progress in hacking softwares and created the best kamas hack that can be found on the internet.Our new and young hacking team fully dedicated their time and knowledge to create the best kamas hack out there.For one the best game of it’s kind they tried to make one of the best hacks of it’s kind!

dofus kamas hack

How to use the Dofus Kamas Hack?

Among other kamas hacks this one it is fully undetectable and can be used without the fear of getting banned.The Dofus Kamas Hack can be used on all Dofus servers around the world and no matter what browser you are using.Our team’s Kamas hack it is made so that any novice could use it without any problems.After you opened the Dofus Kamas Hack all you have to do it is to select the Kamas icon and next, to enter your Dofus username,choose the amount of Kamas and click the “Generate” button.If you have any problems you should check the video below:


Dofus Kamas Hack Video Demonstration

Dofus Kamas Hack Video Demonstration:

Posted by Dofus Kamas Hack – Free Kamas on Saturday, April 26, 2014

It is very important to know that our team closely studied the game several weeks to know with what they are dealing with.Doing so they managed to create the perfect kamas hack for a maximum Dofus experience!The Kamas Hack it is created for people which, for some reasons they just can’t buy anything that is for sale.

IMPORTANT:Please do not abusively use our Kamas Hack because we don’t want to update it too often!We are working daily on other hacks!Thank you for your understanding! 

dofus kamas hack download

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4.Fully enjoy our Dofus Kamas Hack and please  read the bolded red text above before using it!

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  1. madaraqwe says:

    that’s great, even with the daily limit I love it!

  2. kamas says:

    thank you for life, been looking for a legit one for so long!

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